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Most Ordered Services

Business Credit Report Provides information regarding a company's credit history, including outstanding debts , late payments
and payment history.

Business Background Search Civil and criminal record search. Provides information regarding  litigation the company or principals may be involved in. Corporate filings are also verified.

Civil Record Searches County Search of civil records, provides information regarding  lawsuits to which the applicant is, or has been, a party.

Credit History Report Obtained in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this report will confirm the applicant's social security number, former addresses, and prior employment. It will provide financial history information and will reveal civil filings, including divorces, liens and judgements.

Criminal Record Searches Provides information regarding Misdemeanor and Felony arrest records searched by county. Results in 24-48 hours. This report includes the charge, filing date, disposition and sentence. 

Driving Record Reports Provides information regarding driving records, by state. This report covers the validity of license and infractions for the past three years.                     

Education Verification This report verifies dates  of attendance , course of study, and degree obtained.                        

Honesty and Integrity Testing These tests  help determine a candidate's integrity, attitude toward substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic.

INS Verification INS documentation and green cards can be analyzed and authentication verified.

Prior Employment Verification Provides verification of information regarding dates of employment, compensation, cause for seperation and rehire status.

Professional License Verification Verifies all state or federal professional licenses held by applicant. Verified by Secure Check.

Reference Checks Utilizing references provided by the prospective employee, probing questions are asked to create an employment history profile.

Social Security Trace This report provides verification of the issue date, the state of issue, and if the owner has been reported deceased. This report also includes other names or aliases for the holder of the number and addresses the holder has used.

Tenant Score Card This report provides information regarding an applicants credit history without giving out the actual fico score. The applicant will be assigned a grade based on their credit worthiness.

Vendor Screening Program This report is custom designed to screen vendors or contractors having access to secured premises.


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