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Attention HR Directors And Business Owners:

What you don't know about Pre Employment screening can cost you big time!

             Luckily, you can get a Free special report that will Answer                  
          any questions you may have, and help you avoid costly lawsuits 
          and Attorney fees.  

                                                                                                   Stephen Johnson
                                                                          Accurate Screening Solutions

My name is Stephen Johnson and I am the president of Accurate Screening Solutions.
As a service to all HR Directors and Business Owners, I have put together an easy to read and understand special report on the do's and dont's of background screening. It's free and available just for asking.

                                       Here's why I'd like to give you this information:

Neglient hiring lawsuits are one of the fastest growing areas of litigation, every year employers are being slapped with multimillion dollar settlements and attorney fee's.

Due diligance is a must a well designed background screening  program has the ability to virtually eliminate neglient hiring liability, reduce employee turnover, reduce workplace violence and identify problem employees before they ever get hired.

For example did you know...

      • If a person is harmed by an employee that employer can be sued for the  
         employees actions.

      • An employer cannot escape liability because they did not know about an
         employees past criminal record, even if they lied about it or did not disclose

      • Just one neglient hire can cost your orginazation millions of dollars in settlements
         and attorney fees. You can't afford not to screen applicants.

Thats just a small sample of the many hiring pitfalls out there. But you don't have to fall prey to these risks. Let Accurate Screening Solutions guide you through this maze and keep you and your orginazation safe.

Let me show you how with my free smart guide to background screening. It's easy to sign up, just fill out the form below and we'll send you our free report now. 

  Stephen Johnson, President and CEO of Accurate Screening
  Solutions has helped top level companies in  variety of
  industries design customized, easy to use and cost effective
  background screening solutions, let him and his team design
  yours today. He can be reached at (504)-810-5858.

Stephen Johnson
Special Report

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